NAB announces trio of appointments to board of directors

The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) has announced a trio of appointments to its board of directors. 

The trade association and lobby group has appointed Catherine Badalamente, president and CEO of Graham Media Group, and Phil Tahtakran, SVP, head of federal government affairs for NBCUniversal, to the NAB Television Board of Directors, while Kevin Godwin, SVP for Townsquare Media, was appointed to the NAB Radio Board of Directors.

Badalamente oversees the company’s broadcast TV stations in seven local media hubs representing just under 7% of the US. She also oversees digital media and technology development group Graham Digital and social media management tool provider Social News Desk. The exec is chair of the board of directors of the Local Media Association, serves as treasurer of the board of directors of the Local Media Foundation and is a member of the board of directors of the Alliance for Women in Media.

Tahtakran meanwhile leads NBCUniversal’s federal government affairs team and represents the company before Congress and the Administration on legislative priorities and other policy issues impacting the company. He serves as NBCUniversal’s representative in various trade associations and coalitions focused on entertainment, broadcasting, telecom and travel policy issues. Tahtakran is also part of the senior NBCUniversal leadership team and senior legal team.

Prior to joining NBCU in 2010, Tahtakran spent several years as a senior aide in the congressional offices in the Senate and House of Representatives.

The final appointee, Kevin Godwin, oversees operations, business development and performance for Townsquare Media’s West Region.

Elsewhere, the NAB has announced the launch of a 2022 Election Toolkit, which provides local broadcasters with information to cover the 2022 local, state and federal elections this coming November.

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