TF1 in exclusive talks to sell Ykone influencer marketing outfit

France’s TF1 group has entered into exclusive negotiations with Future Technology Retail (FTR), a technology and retail solutions investment company subsidiary of BinDawood Holding, to sell its stake in Ykone, the broadcaster’s international influencer marketing agency.

Created in 2008 and integrated in the TF1 Group in 2018, Ykone has expanded from its initial presence in France to 12 countries across the world. The outfit is currently present in Paris, Milan, Geneva, Berlin, Munich, Las Vegas, Miami, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Jeddah, Hong Kong, Bangalore, Tunis and Shanghai.

In addition to expanding geographically, Ykone has extended its services by developing a technology offering called Campayne, acquiring influencer network Bold Management and by launching the Oddly Enough production company.

Ykone also recently acquired German agency Cover, after having acquired Milanese agency Baldi in 2021. It now employs a staff of more than 150 and supports around 50 groups in their social media and influencer strategies.

A specialist in luxury, beauty and travel, Ykone supports global brands in their influencer marketing campaigns. Citing sectoral growth and benefits from growth in advertising spend on social media. TF1 says that since 2020, the company has doubled its revenue each year.

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