Music to my eyes – listen to the latest episode of TV Watch

The latest episode of Digital TV Europe’s podcast TV Watch is now available to stream wherever you get your podcasts.

In the latest episode, Richard Brant, director of advanced TV UK and international at Vevo, joins host Jonathan Easton to discuss the company’s status as the world’s leading music video distributor, its relationships with CTV platforms and its advertising strategy

Sat here in July 2022, we are just shy of 41 years removed from the debut of MTV.

In the intervening period plenty has changed in the music industry, but no change has been as important as the effect that the internet has had on how consumers discover music and how artists reach audiences. 

The same can be said for music videos, with what was once a marketing tactic for an album now being a fully-fledged art form in its own right, and something that marketers are always keen to glom onto. 

The undoubted leader in the realm of music videos in the digital age is Vevo. Owned by Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment, Vevo is available on everything from Amazon Fire TV to Sky, and charts 25 billion views across television, desktop and mobile devices each month.

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