Newsbridge and Alpha Networks target sports broadcasters with combined offering

SaaS platform providers Newsbridge and Alpha Networks have teamed up to offer sports and media organizations an end-to-end cloud video management and OTT product. 

The integrated offering for content asset production and distribution combines Newsbridge’s Cloud Media Hub and Multimodal Indexing AI technology, with Alpha Networks’ Bee propelled by Kinow live and on-demand video platform.

The latter was renamed following the acquisition of Kinow by Alpha Networks in January, and is now part of Alpha Networks’ product portfolio under the new name of Bee propelled by Kinow.

Media assets can be imported into the Newsbridge Media Hub with its automatic transcription, translation, AI-powered indexing, subtitling, video clipping tools and real-time collaboration, according to the pair.

Metadata-enriched content is then shared to the Bee streaming product. Through the integration of the two platforms, customers can organize and secure their content, set up monetization and decide whether to live stream or provide videos on-demand. They can also benefit from several streaming functionalities, including live broadcasting automation and the ability to plan multiple live events simultaneously, according to the companies.

Bee allows customers to deliver content on multiple screens and offers subscribers functionality including resume reading, bookmark movies, recommendations based on viewing preferences and in-app payment.

Sports organizations can decide to integrate other features including multi-criteria filter systems, the possibility to display a calendar with all upcoming events and present real-time statistics.

“We’re excited to offer this turnkey workflow with Bee propelled by Kinow: it will enrich and augment the viewers’ OTT experience. Using Multimodal Indexing AI to detect people, teams, competitions, logos, context, scenes and speech, and localizing content with translation allows sports and media organizations to publish rich content metadata to their fans. Increased targeting and personalization equates to higher audience engagement and ultimately, more revenue,” said Newsbridge CEO,Philippe Petitpont.

“Integrating production and distribution tools is often time-consuming, expensive and increases the risks of technical issues once the service is live. This is why we decided to partner with Newsbridge: together, we are now able to simplify the workflow and propose a complete end-to-end solution, from production to distribution,” said Pierre Antoine, managing director of the Kinow Business Unit at  Alpha Networks.

“The combination of Newsbridge’s digital asset management tool and our OTT distribution solution requires no specific technical knowledge from our customers, so that they can engage with their fans and audience almost instantly and save precious time-to-market! Thanks to the Newsbridge and Bee integration, our customers can choose and rely on best-in-class solutions to launch unique streaming platforms. They can compete in their markets while saving time and money.”


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