Bouygues Telecom offers Disney+ and Salto in bundle

France’s Bouygues Telecom has launched a new bundled offering that combines Disney+ and local SVOD offering Salto.

The bundle will be available for all new subscribers who sign up to one of the service provider’s Bbox ultym Fibre, XDSL or smart TV offerings.

The launch follows Bouygues’ addition of Disney+ to its Bbox ultym line-up of available content, which follows the addition of French platform Salto in April.

The promotional offering includes access to Disney+ and Salto for six months as part of the Bbox ultym fibre offering, Bouygues 4K HDR box, as well as WiFi 6E-based wireless broadband access throughout the home.

Bouygues said the launch was part of its goal to provide Bbox ultym customers with a differentiated line-up of content, and in particular to appeal to families.

The Bboyx ultym Fibre package will continue to cost €29.99 a month for the first 12 months and €49.99 therafer.

For thoe who prefer to access the service via. Smart TV, the cost will be €49.99 a month. Bboyx ultym xDSL is offered for €29.99 for 12 months and €40.99 thereafter.

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