Netflix enhances mobile viewing with spatial audio

Stranger Things 4

Netflix has announced the integration of spatial audio on mobile for select originals.

Spatial audio, which became more mainstream when Apple made it a central part of its AirPod headphone brand, presents viewers with a more immersive sound on the go and simulates the effect of a surround sound system.

According to the streamer: “Netflix spatial audio helps to translate the cinematic experience of immersive audio to any stereo, so the work creators do to bring you into the story happens no matter what device you use to watch Netflix.”

Spatial audio on Netflix is available on select original titles including Stranger Things 4, The Adam Project and The Witcher.

The process of adding spatial audio is more than just flipping a switch to improve the dynamic range, Netflix has paired up with Sennheiser to convert sound mixes from surround sound to Sennheiser’s Ambeo 2-Channel Spatial Audio. 

In a blog post, Sennheiser explained that the tech “translates an original immersive mix into two channels of audio that deliver a spatial experience far beyond stereo. It transforms any stereo speakers or headphones into an enhanced spatial experience, no end-user upgrades required.

Scott Kramer, manager for sound technology at Netflix said: “We feel Ambeo spatial audio offers a meaningful improvement for Netflix members. Re-recording mixers often tell me that it better translates their detailed immersive mix work to stereo. Crucially, this process preserves the original sound mix and respects creative intent with a remarkably clean sound.”

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