China’s ​​iQIYI integrates Unified ID 2.0

Chinese streaming service iQIYI has announced the integration of Unified ID 2.0 from The Trade Desk on its platform.

Unified ID 2.0 is an industry-wide identity solution that serves as an alternative to cookies. It works across most of today’s omnichannel environments, including over-the-top (OTT) and connected TV (CTV), with The Trade Desk saying that it aims to provide the consumer with greater control.

iQIYI will implement Unified ID 2.0 to give advertisers the ability to identify relevant audiences more precisely while maintaining a ‘privacy-conscious experience for users’.

Frankie Fu, vice president of International Advertising at iQIYI, said :“It is a significant development for iQIYI to implement Unified ID 2.0 as we prepare for a cookieless and privacy-conscious future. We are confident of its potential to enhance the effectiveness of audience targeting and efficiency. With Unified ID 2.0, our users all over the world will continue to enjoy premium content with a more personalised experience and we aim to provide them with more control of their data than before, while allowing us to drive revenue growth.”

Doug Choy, senior director, Inventory Partnerships, North Asia, The Trade Desk, said: “Unified ID 2.0 has gained momentum globally, and we’re excited to see iQIYI implement this new approach to identity as it takes a step forward into the future of identity and more partners in the region join this initiative. 

“As the industry shifts towards a more privacy-conscious identity space, we continue to collaborate with industry leaders such as iQIYI in an effort to create a more transparent ecosystem and an upgraded experience for advertisers, publishers and consumers in the open internet.”

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