Twitch streaming record broken during boxing event


Spanish streamer Ibai Llanos Garatea (Ibai) has broken Twitch’s record for most concurrent streams.

The Amazon-owned streaming platform announced on Twitter that Ibai reached a peak of over 3.3 million concurrent viewers on June 26 during the La Velada del Año II boxing event.

With 11.1 million followers, Ibai is the fourth most-followed channel on Twitch, with Ninja still at the top of the tree. He is however ahead of well-known figures including Shroud, Pokimane and xQc.

The previous record was held by TheGrefg, who amassed 2.4 million concurrent viewers during a Fortnite stream in early 2021

The record-breaking stream gives concrete evidence of Twitch’s shift away from purely being a platform for livestreaming gaming content. While gaming makes up the bulk of the site, consistently at the top of the most-watched category is ‘just chatting’ which encompasses everything from casual discussions with fans to heated political debates and sports commentaries.

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