Microsoft, Nividia and Adobe among Metaverse Standards Forum founding members

A new body has been created to drive open metaverse interoperability and create standards to be used across the industry.

The Metaverse Standards Forum will bring together leading standards organisations and companies for industry-wide cooperation on interoperability standards needed to build the open metaverse. It will examine where lack of interoperability is holding back metaverse development and how Standards Developing Organisations (SDOs) defining and evolving needed standards may be coordinated and accelerated.

The Forum will be open to any organisation at no cost and focus on action-based projects such as implementation prototyping, hackathons, plugfests, and open-source tooling.

Founding members include: 0xSenses, Academy Software Foundation, Adobe, Alibaba, Autodesk, Avataar,, CalConnect, Cesium, Daly Realism, Disguise, the Enosema Foundation, Epic Games, the Express Language Foundation, Huawei, IKEA, Jon Peddie Research, Khronos, Lamina1, Maxon, Meta, Microsoft, NVIDIA, OpenAR Cloud, the Open Geospatial Consortium, Otoy, Perey Research and Consulting, Qualcomm Technologies, Ribose, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Spatial Web Foundation, Unity, VerseMaker, Wayfair, the Web3D Consortium, the World Wide Web Consortium, and the XR Association (XRA).

The Forum is hosted by the Khronos Group, whose president Neil Trevett said: “The metaverse will bring together diverse technologies, requiring a constellation of interoperability standards, created and maintained by many standards organisations. The Metaverse Standards Forum is a unique venue for coordination between standards organisations and industry, with a mission to foster the pragmatic and timely standardisation that will be essential to an open and inclusive metaverse.”

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