Denmark’s Stofa moves to app TV, phasing out set-top boxes

Danish cable operator Stofa, owned by energy utility Norlys, is migrating its TV offering to a fully app-based service and is phasing out its set-top boxes.

New customers for the service will be able to access it by buying either an Apple TV box or a Chromecast streaming stick.

Stofa has launched a new TV app that can be used on smart TVs that run the Android TV operating system, including those of Sony and Philips. The company said it was also working on apps that work on the smart TV systems of other manufacturers, including Samsung.

Existing customers will continue to be able to access the TV service as before. However, the company will begin to phase out older set-top boxes from next year. It said it would contact customers when this process begins.

“The traditional TV box has a hard time matching the modern TV and streaming solutions, and that is why we are now changing strategy. We believe that Apple and Google provide the best and most future-proof solutions on the market,” said Sune Holm, senior director of Norlys Digital.

“We want to have apps for all the most popular platforms to make it both easy and intuitive to use our solutions. We are constantly looking at how we can make it even easier to be a customer with us.”

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