Deutsche Telekom taps Comcast Technology Solutions for TV back-end platform

Deutsche Telekom has deployed Comcast Technology Solutions’ Cloud TV Suite as the new back-end platform for its Magenta TV across part of its European footprint. Deployments began in Austria and will be phased across other Deutsche Telekom markets throughout 2022.

According to Comcast Technology Solutions its Cloud TV Suite will provide a unified platform and common architecture to deliver Magenta TV services across set-top boxes, connected TVs, computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Specifically, Deutsche Telekom will use the Cloud TV Suite to provide a video management platform for centralised ingest of video assets; workflow management; multi-language metadata management; video processing; content protection; entitlements, availability windows, and rights enforcement; data analytics and insights; and publishing across devices.

In addition, Comcast Technology Solutions is providing a full-time service level agreement and dedicated support team for the Deutsche Telekom service.

“At Deutsche Telekom, we are committed to delivering the ultimate, world-class TV entertainment experience, which centres around the customer, through Magenta TV. This means deploying the most modern, flexible, and scalable back-end management system. We selected Comcast Technology Solutions’ Cloud TV Suite because of its ability to address our needs with market-proven reliability and efficiency. Moving to this advanced new platform will enable us to further harmonize our product roadmaps, accelerate new service delivery, and enable consistent and seamless experiences across devices and our markets,” said Pedro Bandeira, VP of product and new business at Deutsche Telekom.

“Deutsche Telekom is a global leader in product innovation and customer experience across Europe and around the world. We are extremely honoured that they selected our team to help support the next-generation of Magenta TV by adopting our versatile Cloud TV Suite. We have an incredibly strong and collaborative relationship with Deutsche Telekom, and we look forward to helping them execute on their vision for the future,” said Ken Klaer, president of Comcast Technology Solutions and EVP of Comcast Cable.

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