Sunrise UPC makes Sunrise its principal brand

Liberty Global-backed Swiss service provider Sunrise UPC is making Sunrise its principal brand and will kick off a major marketing campaign around the transition on May 23.

MySports, the sports TV offering of the former UPC, will also see its design revamped.

Current UPC customers will continue to receive their existing products and services under the UPC brand but can “benefit from the features of other brands”, according to the company.

Sunrise is marketing the updated portfolio of services under the tagline ‘Upgrade of your life’ with Up Mobile, Up Internet and Up TV packages made available to customers.

In the area of TV, thanks to a recently renewed partnership with Netflix, the company is  offering a new combo price for TV XL that includes the streaming service.

Sunrise’s oneplus offering enables customers to view the new Swiss streaming service from CH Media that includes over 10,000 movies, series episodes and popular Swiss originals produced by 3+.

The Sunrise Up Mobile offering provides customers with a 50% multi-mobile discount on every additional mobile subscription.

“We are about to reach the most significant milestone in the Sunrise UPC integration process. Sunrise is becoming the main brand and Sunrise Up is the first integrated offer available under this unified identity, enabling us to provide our customers with clear advantages and continue to improve our market share,” said André Krause, CEO of Sunrise UPC.

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