Conviva reveals streaming measurement standard to be released at CES 2023

Ad measurement firm Conviva has announced the creation of a new audience measurement for streaming services. 

The measurement standard will be released for general availability at CES 2023, with the tech expansion utilising Conviva’s cloud sessionisation technology.

Conviva said that the new standard will provide census-leven streaming audience ad packaging and measurement that is complementary and interoperable with linear TV. 

The Conviva platform currently processes nearly 3 trillion streaming data events daily and supports more than 500 million unique viewers watching 200 billion streams per year across 4 billion applications streaming on devices.

Keith Zubchevich, CEO of Conviva, said: “Audience measurement represents the streaming industry’s biggest opportunity and Conviva’s technology definitively unlocks its potential. For Conviva’s customers, streaming audience is continuously, census-level measured with comprehensive, standardised data. Having solved this problem technically, we will now work in lock step with the industry to provide a unified streaming ad packaging and measurement solution fully interoperable with any cross-platform currency in market today.”

Conviva has already signed up NBCUniversal as its first streaming measurement partner following successful pilots for the Superbowl and Winter Olympics. The company has also partnered with WarnerMedia and Paramount to launch an alternative measurement strategy that leverages its tech for the NCAA Basketball Tournament 2022.

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