Tennis Channel launches T2 FAST channel on Samsung TV Plus

Tennis Channel has partnered with Amagi to launch a new FAST channel dubbed T2.

The channel, which will operate 24-hours a day, is available on Samsung TV Plus, and provides viewers with an insight into both the professional sport and tennis lifestyle.

Tennis Channel is utilising Amagi’s Cloudport cloud-based channel playout platform, while also leveraging the company’s content scheduling services, Master Control Room (MCR) services, and Amagi LIVE tech.

Andy Reif, Senior Vice President, Tennis Channel International, said: “The experience of launching our first FAST channel for tennis in the United States with Amagi has been enriching. The Live-to-VOD functionality from Amagi is extremely valuable to us as it allows effortless switching between live and recorded content. Further, Amagi LIVE supports industry-standard advanced graphics templates, native graphics, HTML, and The user experience this delivers is wonderful for tennis fans and we’re excited to bring the sport to a whole new audience.”

Srinivasan KA, co-founder, Amagi, said: “Having been closely associated with Tennis Channel for over two years now and having worked with them to launch channels in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and India, we are very happy to partner in the launch of Tennis Channel’s 24-hour FAST channel in the United States. 

“Running a live channel can be challenging, especially for a sport such as Tennis where the overall length of the game is often unpredictable. The Amagi LIVE platform is ideal since it offers the flexibility to extend live playout, switch between input sources, and more.”

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