Roku debuts streaming-first clean room

Roku has debuted its data collaboration clean room environment ahead of the TV upfronts.

The privacy-first data collaboration environment allows advertisers and agencies to use their encrypted first-party data to make planning and measuring advertising campaigns easier.

The clean room is purpose-build for TV streaming, with the company stating that it is the only  clean room to use audience data and linear TV data from direct consumer relationships on Roku.

The clean room creates a secure connection between Roku data and the advertiser’s data that allows brands to match their  own data to Roku’s without sharing or exposing any identifiable data. This process also protects Roku consumers from direct identification. 

The clean room is built on top of Snowflake and its Media Data Cloud technologies.

Inaugural partners already using the cleanroom include Omnicom Media Group, dentsu, Horizon Media, Icon Media Direct, and Camelot.

Louqman Parampath, VP of Product Management, Roku, said: “The future of TV advertising won’t rely on fragile cookies or consortiums, but on direct connection with actual consumers. We are thrilled to help marketers accelerate their shift to TV streaming by putting privacy and transparency first.”

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