MásMóvil hails year of growth

A combination of organic growth and the acquisition of northern Spanish cable operator Euskaltel gave service provider MásMóvil a 26% uplift in customers, a 28% rise in service revenues and a 48% rise in reported EBITDA last year.

The company had 14.5 million broadband and mobile RGUs, including Euskaltel’s base, at the end of the year. Fixed broadband customers numbered 3.1 million, up 60%, while contract mobile customers numbered 8.7 million.

MásMóvil’s fibre network reached 27 million homes at the end of the year, meaning its network covered the vast majority of the country’s homes.

MásMóvil posted revenues of €2.465 billion for the year, up 28%, and a net profit of €189 million. Service revenues amounted to €2.233 million. EBITDA was €949 million.

“We are very pleased with the results achieved in 2021, both at the commercial and at the financial level. Moreover, the integration of Euskaltel is progressing at high speed in the incorporation of its customers in our networks and in the accelerated availability of fibre for our customers, especially in The Basque Country and Galicia,” said Meinrad Spenger, CEO of MásMóvil.

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