Disney Advertising to trial expanded cross-platform measurement tech

Lisa Valentino

Disney has become the latest major US media company to trial its own ad measurement tech.

The division, Disney Advertising, will collaborate with companies including Samba TV, ComScore and Nielsen and agencies Omnicom Media Group and Publicis Media.

In total, Disney is working with nearly 100 providers and has promised to support transparency and advertising. It said that this will allow it to create a more client-specific view of consumption to inform future campaign planning.

Disney is not as hostile as some of its US counterparts are towards ad measurement firm Nielsen, which has come under significant scrutiny over the past several years. The company joined Nielsen ONE Alpha in late 2021 to provide insight as Nielsen creates a holistic view of ad performance for the industry. 

Lisa Valentino, EVP of client and brand solutions and addressable enablement, Disney Advertising, said: “There is a big difference between currency and measurement and as the industry continues to evolve – the only constant is change. 

“Disney is not in the business of scoring players. It is our responsibility to deliver the best measurement capabilities for our clients that give them visibility into effectiveness and outcomes across our vast portfolio of premium content. We are continuing to do the work to innovate on behalf of our clients based on their unique category needs; that’s our commitment.”

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