SFR combines box with projector in new offering

Altice-owned French service provider SFR has launched a new offering coupling its TV and broadband boxes with Samsung video projectors.

The new proposition, which will allow users to buy or rent Samsung’s  The Freestyle projector, follows the operator’s combining of its box with a TV in 2020 and box plus game console last year.

Subscribers who sign up to the SFR Fibre Power 8 offering with a 24 month contract will be able to buy The Freestyle, which retails at €999, for €399 plus €8 per month added to their bill for the duration of the contract.

The Freestyle offers full HD 1080p and HDR 10 capability, along with access to smart TV via an interface and Bixby and Alexa voice assistants.

Those who take up the offer will also have the option to take Multi TV, SFR’s multiroom offering, and its DVR service with a capacity of 300 hours of recording time.

“With this new offering, SFR is showing once again its capability to deliver innovative propositions, supporting French people’s digital equipment. Already a leader in associating the TV, then the console with the very high-speed broadband offerings of the SFR Box 8, SFR with Samsung The Freestyle validates once again the possibilities offered by the power of fibre in bringing an exceptional image quality to its subscribers,” said Grégory RAbuel, CEO of SFR and Altice France.

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