Ukraine imposes sanctions on pro-Russia Nash TV

Ukraine has imposed sanctions on TV channel Nash TV as a part of ongoing tensions between it and Russia.

The channel is linked to Ukrainian opposition lawmaker Yevhen Murayev, who was recently named by Britain as the possible leader of a Kremlin puppet government should the Russians invade – an event which increasingly looks likely to occur this month. 

Murayev, who lost his parliamentary seat in 2019, has historically aligned with Russia, while he still holds significance via the Nashi party and Nash TV channel which is owned by his father. 

Speaking at a protest in Kharkiv which was broadcast on Nash TV, the politician said that the sanctions have been imposed “without evidence” while adding that “we will fight for the channel, for ourselves, for you, for our country”. 

“Now they are closing the Nash TV channel, which means we are on the verge of war,” he said.

Kharkiv is currently a hotbed of political tension, due to its proximity to the border. The industrial city is seen as a possible target for a Russian attack.

The nature of the sanctions have not been specified, with Ukrainian security council secretary Oleksiy Danilov not revealing whether the channel would be shut down. 

This is the latest set of sanctions imposed against a pro-Russian outlet. In 2021, the country imposed sanctions on TV channels linked to pro-Russian opposition leader Viktor Medvedchuk.

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