Space 11 announces ambitious plan to launch a TV and film studio in outer space

Aerospace company Space 11 Corp has announced plans to build a space station specifically to be used for film and TV projects.

Partnering with Voyager Space company Nanoracks, the Andrea Iervolino-founded Space 11 plans to construct and launch a specialised free-flying space station to service film and TV projects as a dedicated and one-of-a-kind in-space platform akin to a live venue/soundstage.

Dubbed the S11S, the space station will be kitted out with multiple compartments for use as accommodations and sleeping quarters with plans to be active and operational by late 2027.

Space 11 has said that it intends to contract Nanoracks to oversee the S11S module build.

All of this feeds into the productions of Space 11 studios, a film and television studio focused on high-concept science fiction films and television formats shot in space, involving zero-gravity, and its production facility Space 11 City. 

The first project is a reality TV series Galactic Combat. The show, led by former Big Brother and Hell’s Kitchen showrunner Thomas Loureiro, will see MMA fighters from around the world compete for the chance to go into space for “a fight beyond our atmosphere.”

Andrea Iervolino,VP and head of operations at Space 11, said: “Exploring space opportunities has been quite eye-opening. We are in discussions with Nanoracks because they are practical and have unmatched experience in taking unique ideas and developing them into real space programs. Our gradual approach will allow us to explore thrilling in-space media opportunities possible today while also working towards our long-term vision of hosting entertainment events on a customised space station platform dedicated to our viewers.”

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