Synamedia integrates Ateliere tech into VIVID WaaS portfolio

Synamedia has announced that it is integrating Ateliere Creative Technologies technologies into its VIVID Workflow-as-a-Service portfolio (WaaS).

The integration will provide VIVID users with enhanced delivery of low-latency OTT solutions, and promises to bring new integrated streaming and on-demand offerings to the market.

Ateliere said that the solution will allow consumers to access live or on-demand OTT content, including cDVR, AVOD, SVOD, VOD, and more, directly through set-top-boxes and through content-focused apps on secondary screens or Smart televisions.

The tech provider added that its Connect platform handles workflow orchestration for media ingest, management, packaging, and delivery preparation. It combines Ateliere’s cloud-based media supply chain platforms, Ateliere Connect and Ateliere Discover, with Synamedia’s VIVID Workflow-as-a-Service Low-Latency OTT offerings

Dan Goman, CEO at Ateliere, said: “The new offering allows content owners, local channels, and broadcasters that don’t have an OTT presence to easily create on-demand experiences and take advantage of their established brand to reach audiences in exciting ways on any screen or device. For consumers weary of navigating and managing a patchwork of content apps and devices, this collaboration simplifies the viewing experience.”

Olivier Detaevernier, senior product manager, OTT Solution, Synamedia, said: “Video service providers are competing for audience mindshare in a highly competitive space and are seeking proven solutions from trusted experts to help deliver a compelling user experience on any screen. They seek to lean on reliable technology partners that can offer simplified implementation of new features with rapid time-to-market and accelerated return on investment.

“Our low latency OTT solution empowered by Ateliere’s content management technology restores the value proposition of video services by combining the benefits of traditional viewing experiences with OTT streaming, delivering the best of both worlds to consumers through a seamless experience.”

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