Sony announces PlayStation VR2

Sony has confirmed plans to launch a follow-up to its popular PlayStation VR headset.

Plans for the device, simply called PlayStation VR2, were revealed by Sony Interactive Entertainment president and CEO Jim Ryan during the company’s CES 2022 presentation.

While the device itself is yet to be revealed – along with pricing and a release window – Sony said that the headset will support haptic feedback, eye tracking, 4K HDR, 90/120Hz frame rates, foveated rendering and a field of view of 110 degrees. The headset will connect to Sony’s hard-to-find PlayStation 5 console via a single USB-C cable.

The company also announced a VR-exclusive game, Horizon Call of the Mountain as the first flagship title for the device.

While VR technology is currently experiencing a resurgence thanks to Facebook and its investments in the metaverse, the previous wave of VR was dominated by Sony. By 2019, PlayStation VR was outselling both Oculus and HTC devices due to its low bar of technical requirements.

The PlayStation VR2 will enter a market now dominated by the Meta Quest 2 (formerly Oculus Quest 2), which is a powerful standalone device that requires no additional console or PC connectivity. The Quest also focuses on connectivity and video apps alongside games, and this is an area which may become a consideration for Sony as it continues to develop its latest VR device.

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