New French media regulator Arcom begins work

French media regulator the CSA and anti-piracy watchdog the Hadopi have now officially combined to form a new regulator – the Autorité de regulation de la communication audiovisuelle et numérique (Arcom).

The new body is headed by a collegiate body of nine members, each with a mandate of six years.

Two new members joined the watchdog on January 1. Laurence Pécaut-Rivolier is an advisor to the Cour de Cassation and Denis Rapone is a member of the Conseil d’Etat. Both were appointed by decree on December 17.

Arcom is intended to be a regulator fit for the new era of media and audiovisual communication, charged with being more receptive to the preoccupations of the public at large but also intended as a bulwark in the defence of freedom of communication and creation.

The new regulator will have an extended remit that will encompass, in particular, oversight of international video streaming services and online platforms.

Arcom president Roch-Olivier Maistre, former president of the CSA, is appointed by the French president.

Members Carole Bienaime-Besse, Hervé Godechot and Juliet Théry were appointed by the president of the French upper house of parliament, the Senate, while Jean-Françoise Mary, Anne Grand d’Esnon and Benoît Loutrel were appointed by the president of the National Assembly.

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