Parrot Analytics: Netflix dominance in Russia

The Witcher

Netflix has dominated the latest iteration of Parrot Analytics’ originals in-demand chart for the week ending October 16 in Russia.

Parrot Analytics analyses the demand for recent popular digital titles across international markets, based on the application of artificial intelligence to expressions of demand across social media, fan sites, peer-to-peer protocols and file-sharing platforms. The analyst illustrates demand expressions based on how much more popular a charted title is than an average TV show.

Sitting atop the chart is the hit series La Casa De Papel, which was 20.9 times more in demand than the average title. The Spanish-language series is one of seven Netflix series featured in the chart. Other Netflix series include the fantasy fiction adaptation The Witcher in second, the South Korean phenomenon Squid Game and the recently returned British comedy Sex Education.

Of the remaining spots, only Amazon Prime Video features more than once. Its subversive superhero series The Boys is in seventh with 14.17 times the demand of an average show, while its sci-fi series The Expanse is in ninth.

While Disney+ has featured heavily in Parrot’s rankings over the past 12 months, only one title from the streamer features in the chart. The superhero mystery series WandaVision is the sole entry for Disney+ in eighth with 13.68 times the demand of an average show.

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