Twitch drops subscription prices in Europe

Twitch has lowered the cost of its subscriptions in Europe by 20%.

The Amazon-owned platform is entirely free-to-view, but viewers can buy subscriptions to individual channels in order to avoid ads on their feed and support the creators. 

Subscriptions are offered in different tiers which provide a variety of different benefits to viewers, but most opt for the entry-level tier 1 subscription. 

For these subscriptions, Twitch has lowered the cost in the UK and Ireland to £3.99/€3.99 from £4.99/€4.99 – thus bringing parity with the US where subscribers pay US$4.99 for a subscription. 

The pricing change has come to the UK and Ireland, along with most EU member states. It follows a pricing drop in Latin America, the Middle East and Africa that came in July.

In a blog post, Twitch said: “Since we launched local sub pricing in Mexico and Turkey, the way viewers in those countries have rallied around their favorite creators has blown us away. Compared to the three months prior to local sub pricing, viewers are gifting five times more subs. More creators are earning sub revenue now, and more viewers overall are supporting their favorite channels.

In short, lower subscription prices are helping creators and viewers build vibrant communities together.”

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