Over-75s free licence fee transition period ends

Brits over the age of 75 must now pay for TV licences after the transition period has ended.

The BBC controversially announced the end of the free benefit for pensioners in mid-2019, but delayed the move in mid-2020.

However, as of August 1, thousands of Brits over the age of 75 will require a £159-per-year licence to watch live TV and the BBC iPlayer if they do not receive the pension credit financial support.

TV Licensing, the body which handles the fee, said that around nine in 10 over-75s have made arrangements to start paying for the TV licence. It has warned that enforcement will be explored for those who refuse to pay.  

Meanwhile, senior citizens support organisation Silver Voices said that it will “ support and advise all senior citizens who have decided to withhold their licence fee.”

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