Over 70 8K TVs certified by 8K Association as tech increases in popularity

The 8K Association (8KA) has revealed that there are now over 70 TV sets that have been certified by the group as the higher resolution tech begins to grow in popularity.

While still significantly off the number of 4K UHD TVs available, the total includes nearly 50 newly launched models through the first half of 2021 from three of the world’s top TV brands – Hisense, Samsung, and TCL. 

The certification technical specification includes specs for 8K Input Parameters (bit depth, frame rate, chroma sub-sampling), Display Performance (resolution, peak brightness, black level, color gamut, white point), and the Interface & Media formats (High Dynamic Range, codec).

8KA Executive Director Chris Chinnock, said: “The scope of Certified 8K TV models in the market represents a big win for consumers and the 8K Association. We designed the certified logo to allow consumers to feel confident in the performance and interface capabilities of 8K TVs, so we are proud that our Certification program, launched less than 2 years ago, is performing so well.”

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