TF1 ups contribution to cinema in exchange for expanded rights

French commercial broadcaster TF1 has signed an agreement with groups representing the country’s film industry that will give it more freedom to show movies, including on catch-up TV, in exchange for upping its contribution to production.

TF1 has committed to contribute 3.5% of revenue from its channels TF1, TMC, TFX and TF1 Séries Films, or about €47.5 million based on last year’s numbers, to film production, up from 3.2%. In exchange, the broadcaster will have the right to show films more frequently on multiple channels – with two airings over a period of 30 days including one in primetime.

In relation to films it pre-finances, TF1 can however offset its commitment to finance production against what it pays for redistribution rights, up to a maximum of 20% of its obligation to finance.

TF1 will also be able to show films on catch-up, with the broadcaster agreeing to make this feature available on pay TV services rather than free-to-view. The broadcaster will make up to a maximum of 10 titles available on seven-day catch-up at any one time, but only on pay TV platforms such as the TV services of telecom service providers.

The agreement with film production societies API, SPI and UPC, distribution societies DIRE, FNEF and SDI, exploitation rights group FNCF and two other industry organsiations – FICAM and SEVN – brings the broadcaster more closely in line with other media outfits such as Canal+.

It also comes ahead of the climax of negotiations over the future windowing regime for movies in France, with distributors such as Canal+ seeking freedom to shorten the window between theatrical distribution and TV.

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