DTVKit signs up RDK Management as latest member

Shared source software company DTVKit has announced RDK Management as its latest member.

RDK Management is an open-source consortium that manages RDK’s software platform globally. 

DTVKit has said that its DVB Core is now officially pre-integrated with the RDK, meaning that the Raspberry Pi reference platform will be built to include DTVKit support direct from the RDK repositories.

DVB Core includes support for RDK4 architecture which enables RDK applications to use DVB features. Any USB tuners supported by Raspberry Pi (LinuxDVB) are available and DVB-S2/T2/C is supported

Phil Evans, managing director of DTVKit says, “Our efforts with RDK continue to evolve as our technology offering is mutually complementary. The relationship is one that is welcomed by the DTVKit community, and we look forward to an exciting future.”

Jason Briggs, president and general manager of RDK, said: “DTVKit and RDK share a common commitment to serve TV providers across Europe and around the globe that depend upon DVB. We are delighted to join this thriving community for continued collaboration between our two communities.”

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