TikTok’s algorithm available to third-parties via new BytePlus division

TikTok’s parent company ByteDance has started selling its industry-leading AI to other companies.

According to a report from the Financial Times, the company has opened up a new division dubbed BytePlus to manage sales and integration with brands. Clients currently include fashion app Goat, travel site WeGo and gaming platform GamesApp.

The move is especially noteworthy due to just how powerful TikTok’s algorithm is. The service’s content recommendation system is essentially what skyrocketed the short-form video app into becoming the world’s hottest social media property, and led the likes of Facebook and YouTube to create their own competitors. 

The algorithm recommends videos based on user interactions including likes, comments, shares, device information, language preferences and location settings. While TikTok uses this information to provide video content tailored to the user, BytePlus offers its customers the ability to tap into that algorithm and personalise it for their apps and customers.

In addition to the content recommendation algorithm, BytePlus also offers its customers with tools including automated speech and text translation and data analysis tools.

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