PallyCon launches distributor watermarking solution

Multi DRM and content protection service provider PallyCon has announced the launch of a robust distributor watermarking solution.

The company said that the solution has been approved and audit passed, and that it protects the pre-release assets of original content owners, broadcasters, post-production houses and content aggregators. 

The solution offers both visible and invisible watermarking options that allows content owners to trace the point of a leak back to the particular department or third party responsible for leaking the content.

PallyCon’s distributor watermarking for B2B streaming allocates a unique identification to each copy designated to different content aggregators and OTT platforms and matches it with the leaked video asset. It supports mezzanine file formats (like ProRes and XDCAM) and interfaces with third-party workflow management.

James Ahn, founder and CEO of INKA ENTWORKS said, “PallyCon’s robust distribution watermarking is an evolution in the fight against pre-release leaks, ensuring a high degree of traceability which traditional content protection lacked. With the magnitude of the content generated, streamed and downloaded every day, the risk of proxy deliveries are prevalent. Our solution addresses the situation by inserting a secured layer of protection that pinpoints potential sources of breach and ensures the safety of premium video assets.”

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