KKStream launches BlendVision modular streaming platform

Taiwanese video streaming solutions provider KKStream has revealed a new modular streaming platform.

Dubbed BlendVision, the platform is made up of three software solutions. These include KALEIDO, a one-stop streaming platform; MOMENT, a high-quality live streaming service; and LOOM, an AI-powered video encoding solution.

KALEIDO is a tool for companies of any scale to build their own streaming platform that features AI video encoding for migration of content to cloud-based OTT platforms and cross device viewing via different applications. MOMENT promises greater viewer participation in live video with low-latency streaming tech, while LOOM uses patented per-title-encoding (PTE) technology to encode videos in the most efficient manner as AI technology analyzes each frame.

KKStream said that the BlendVision platform is designed to be quick and easy to set up, and tailored to the needs of the expanding Asia-Pacific OTT market.

Eric Tsai, President of KKStream, said: “Through the Streaming-as-a-service business model, our BlendVision solution enables companies to build their own video platform in an instant and shorten their time to market. We hope to make streaming a standard business tool that is accessible to everyone.”

BlendVision has already been deployed by a number of top media companies including Foxconn and Japanese telco KDDI.

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