Altice’s Weill to leave the company on July 1

Altice France, SFR and Altice Media CEO Alain Weill is to leave the company on July 1.

Alain Weill

Weill is leaving the group 20 years after he created the NextRadioTV Group and six years after selling it to Altice.

Weill, who is leaving to focus on other projects, said that “a new page is opening for me today”.

“As far as I’m concerned, I’m going to miss you obviously,” he told staff in a statement. “However, I’m never going to be very far from the group and from [Altice boss] Patrick Drahi. I’m going to launch and develop new projects; a third act, in media and digital. Moreover, I’m going to still remain associated with the Altice group which is a shareholder in L’Express [the news magazine owned separately by Weill], which I’m attempting to relaunch. This is only the start.”

Weill said that he had made a choice to join Drahi in 2015 because it was “the best choice that I could have made”, based on a “personal, entrepreneurial and industrial alliance”.

He said that Altice had given the media unit the “means to invest, innovate and develop” and had “brought an indispensable technological expertise for the digital era”.

In addition to the development of the media business he sold to Drahi, Weil said he was “proud to have participated” in the revival of SFR, which he has led since 2017 and the progress of which had “literally amazed” him.

Replacing Weill, Grégory Rabuel, currently director-general at SFR, will become CEO of Altice France and of SFR, effectively taking charge of Weill’s telecom responsibilities, while Arthur Dreyfuss, currently director-general at Altice France-SFR, will become CEO of Altice Media and secretary-general of Altice France-SFR, effectively taking over the media side of the business.

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