ARD Group signs up Skyline Communications for QoS measurement at Euro 2020

German ARD Group has partnered with Skyline Communications for quality control of its UEFA Euro 2020 live event streams.

ARD has deployed DataMiner for the end-to-end management and quality control. The company described the operation as “a very efficient joint effort” across partners including Hessischer Rundfunk, WDR and Bayerischer Rundfunk.

The deployment specifically includes a DataMiner system in Frankfurt at Hessischer Rundfunk which manages encoding and QoS measurement solutions. A number of other platform resources are also used and are located at WDR and Bayerischer Rundfunk.

Kai von Garnier, Regional Sales Account Manager DACH at Skyline, said: “This is a truly unique collaboration between all these parties, and we are very pleased to be part of it,” commented. Of course, one of the main reasons so many broadcast and media companies call upon us is the fact that with DataMiner they can truly consolidate their entire operation across any vendor and technology boundaries. 

“They can leverage the tremendous benefits of having a single pane of glass to manage such critical live services end to end. Another nice highlight here is also the unique value of the innovative DataMiner Cloud Live Data Sharing services. This enabled these individual media companies to join operations and collaborate much more easily and efficiently than ever before. And this is something we expect to see happening more and more in the future for companies leveraging DataMiner to become real agile data-driven operations.”

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