iWedia integrates Android 11 on Synaptics SoC

TV technology and Android TV specialist iWedia has announced the complete integration of Android 11 on the latest Synaptics VS640 system-on-a-chip.

iWedia said that the joint offering provides a reference platform for Google and Netflix from Synaptics, along with software components and integration services from iWedia to enable deployments of complex, hybrid operator projects among others.

The Android 11 release includes recent features Tuner HAL and MediaCAS V2. iWedia said it would enable Widevine CAS support and hybrid DVB/IPTV/OTT use-cases thanks to its products portfolio including its ABR media player and IPTV and broadcast stacks, on top of its Androdi TV Operator Tier Launcher and targeted ad solution.

Based on the VideoSmart platform from Synaptics, the VS640 includes a quad-core multimedia processor with a dedicated dual-core audio DSP, an integrated CPU, GPU, and an NPU that is purpose-built with AI to enhance the user experience, said iWedia. The platform also offers the next generation AV1 video decode format — a requirement for future YouTube and Netflix content.

“This successful, early integration of Android 11 strengthens our long-standing relationship with iWedia. As an AI-enabled platform, the VS640 brings opens new possibilities for the operators to innovate with new features and generate new monetization streams,” said Siddarth Chandrasekar, marketing director at Synaptics.

Sunghoon Kim, VP Sales at iWedia, said: “Service providers can leverage our joint integration to launch highly-customized set-top boxes or streaming IP devices in record-time. We are extremely happy to serve our customers with the most advanced, though cost-effective solutions, while ensuring a controlled time to market.”

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