Evoca picks ENENSYS Technologies for pay TV monitoring

Media delivery solutions provider ENENSYS Technologies has been selected by US operator Evoca to monitor its pay TV service.

Evoca will utilise ENENSYS TestTree’s StreamProbe and EdgeProbe products. StreamProbe, TestTree software monitoring probe, enables Evoca to control the quality of the content received from content providers after the encoding, as well as after the DASH packaging for ATSC 3.0 and broadband access. 

Evoca President and CEO, Todd Achilles, said: “The visibility of the quality of our video is fundamental to our business, which is continuously evolving in this competitive landscape. We made the strategic decision to select ENENSYS as the partner for some of our key operational needs because their solution was a match for our specific technical requirements. TestTree’s StreamProbe is a reliable and versatile platform that helps guarantee end-to-end video monitoring of our teleport.

Carmen Kerloc’h, Product Manager at TestTree, said: “We are delighted to be working with Evoca and Hitachi Kokusai Electric Comark on this innovative project on ATSC 3.0 and Cloud installation. Our complementary solution for Head-End and RF transmission allows us to meet Evoca’s needs for 24/7 monitoring, be in the cloud or in Boise offices. This collaborative work enabled Evoca to solve latency issues during the network deployment and quickly showed the interest of a monitoring system in Next Gen TV.”

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