BBC updates iPlayer with redesigned interface and improved subtitles

The BBC has updated the iPlayer for TV with a new look for its playback, including a redesigned interface and improved subtitle options.

In a blog post, iPlayer product manager Andrew White said that the redesign provides users with a “cleaner, sleeker and more pared-back interface.”

The most visible difference is a new playback bar which removes the large play/pause button and provides a simple timeline of the programme being watched. 

However, more important is an overhaul to how subtitles are presented, with the BVOD adding “significant improvements to the way viewers can control subtitles on iPlayer.”

A new subtitles and settings menu makes it easier to turn subtitles on, and users can now change and control the size of subtitles. Users now have a range of five options for subtitle sizes which will be remembered for future viewing.

The new size controls are only available for on-demand content, but White said that they will be coming to live channels “in the coming weeks.”

The update to subtitles also changes the typeface to a more readable format with a black background behind the text to make it more readable. The subtitles will also change position taking account of important information being displayed on screen.

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