Tata Consultancy Services launches RDK solutions

IT services outfit Tata Consultancy Services has struck a partnership with service provider technical standards body the RDK and has launched the TCS Connected Consumer Home solution based on the RDK platform.

TCS Connected Consumer Home is described as a solution that simplifies customization, enables device management, enhances the service provider’s control over software roadmaps, and helps build a customer experience across apps, devices and channels.

The solution provides device telemetry-enabled data analytics to generate insights for improving services, and introduces features based on user behaviour data within the connected home ecosystem, across video, OTT, internet gateway and IoT connected devices, according to the company.

Tata Consultancy Services recently launched the TCS EngineeringtheFuture-Media Lab to build and showcase solutions on the RDK platform. The lab is an product research and design facility that helps customers innovate, prototype and create solutions.

“We are excited to announce this strategic relationship with RDK that will help our media and CSP customers innovate faster and transform themselves. The open-source platform fosters collaboration among different partners to build purpose-centric and boundaryless ecosystems. The TCS Connected Consumer Home Solution standardizes core functions used in video, broadband and next generation smart home IoT solutions, helping deliver superior user experiences, and enabling new business models and innovation in this segmentv,” said Regu Ayyaswamy, global Head, Engineering and Industrial Services and IoT, TCS.

“RDK solutions represent a tremendous opportunity for communication service providers to develop and deploy a common approach to device software, across various hardware platforms and network architectures,” said Steve Heeb, President, RDK. “With its global presence, wide-ranging industry experience, deep product engineering expertise and consultative approach, TCS is well-positioned to help meet the evolving needs of global communication service providers. By working with TCS, operators and OEMs will be well-positioned to benefit from faster adoption of RDK to support innovative new service offerings and business models.”

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