NENT group expands football portfolio ahead of Baltic Viaplay expansion

Nordic Entertainment (NENT) Group has announced a large football rights buy for the Baltic region.

The comprehensive package of rights includes exclusive rights to the English FA Cup until 2024, along with the Carabao Cup, English Championship and South American national team football. This builds on an already impressive rights portfolio for the region which includes a variety of European club football competitions, Formula 1 and NHL.

Anders Jensen, NENT Group president and CEO, said: “We want to have the strongest sports offer across the Baltic countries. This acquisition of English Cup-football and South American national team football together with our previous announcements of Bundesliga and all European club football gives our viewers a lot of sports. We are looking forward to getting Viaplay launched and continue to strengthen our sports offering.”

Viaplay will expand to the Baltic region on March 9 with a single price tier including sports for €9.99 per month. By contrast, the service is offered in its native Nordics with a handful of tiers. 

This is the latest rollout for Viaplay, and comes at the beginning of a significant expansion plan for the company. That expansion will see Viaplay launch across Eruope and evenutally the US.

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