Bouygues Telecom strikes new distribution deal with M6

French service provider Bouygues Telecom has struck a new distribution agreement with commercial broadcaster M6, covering channels and associated digital services.

According to Bouygues, the agreement covers distribution of the totality of channels of the M6 Group, along with non-linear services associated with these channels.

The deal will enable Bouygues Telecom subscribers to continue to vew M6 content, including via extended on-demand windows and avant-premieres. Subscribers with compatible equipment will also be able to view coverage of the delayed Euro 2020 football competition in 4K UHD quality.

The latest agreement comes amid moves by M6’s owner, RTL Group and its controlling shareholder Bertelsmann, to divest the broadcaster. Rival French broadcaster TF1 Group – itself controlled by Bouygues Telecom’s parent company, the construction-to-media conglomerate Bouygues – and Italy’s Mediaset are among those reported to have been approached with a view to a potential sale.

Bouygues Telecom last year signed a pact with M6 Group to develop targeted advertising on television, allowing substitution of ad spots on the Bouygues platform based on geo-localisation.

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