Tricolor employs Orange Business Services’s Genesys Engage for omnichannel contact centre

Russian operator Tricolor has announced a partnership with Orange Business Services to deploy an advanced omnichannel contact centre in the country.

Tricolor, which reaches 12.2 million households across its services and is the country’s largest pay TV operator, will leverage the Genesys Engage multi-cloud solution to interact with customers across the country via voice, chat, social networks, instant messaging and email using a single platform.

The company said that this solution will allow it to maintain a level of service regardless of communications channel. Genesys Engage’s tech also uses speech analytics which allows Tricolor to identify the reason for a customer’s call and provides data insights into the operator-customer relationship.

The deal is a renewal of a partnership which has been in place since 2018, with Tricolor deploying the new solution on top of its existing infrastructure.

Richard van Wageningen, senior vice president, IMEAR, Orange Business Services, said: “We are pleased that Tricolor chose us as a partner for this contact center implementation. An omnichannel platform makes it possible to engage with customers regardless of the communication channel. This is essential to provide a highly personalized customer experience. The benefits have already been seen by more than 500 of our customers around the world.”

Ekaterina Pavlova, director of the service department of Tricolor, said: “Tricolor cares about its customers, so it sought to optimize and improve customer support. Thanks to this innovative solution, we can significantly speed up the processing of calls and provide an omnichannel service. The Genesys Engage platform allows a contact center employee to see complete information on all customer requests in real time. They can then provide the necessary operational support regardless of the communication channel.

“In our database, there are already more than 1.5 million user requests. Further data collection will make the work of the contact center even more effective. Introducing speech analytics allows enterprises to automate the assessment of service quality and improve interaction with customers.”

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