DTVE to host webinar on optimising streaming services

DTVE is to host a webinar on optimising streaming services for future growth featuring insights from its own survey-based report and expert opinion from Limelight Networks.

The explosion in demand for streaming video that accompanied the COVID-19 pandemic has more than ever highlighted the need for video service providers to respond quickly to shifts in the market.

Presenting the findings of a new survey on Optimising streaming services: future challenges of increasing demand, Stuart Thomson, editor of Digital TV Europe, will unveil the views of industry insiders on the importance of maintaining a high-quality streaming experience and the role technologies such as edge computing can play in enabling it

Limelight Networks, Steve Miller Jones also joins the webinar to address:

  • The availability of services “at the edge”, the move to workflow “as code” and the adoption of serverless computing
  • The challenge for live streaming – how different use cases need different solutions and what the Edge means for live content
  • How are service providers adapting to the need for solutions to be customized to individual platform needs?
  • What are the challenges in content security as more content is consumed online (Education, work, entertainment, lifestyle)

Steve Miller Jones, Vice President, Edge Strategy & Solution Architecture, Limelight Networks
Stuart Thomson, Editor, Digital TV Europe

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