Disney launches gift subscriptions in the UK

Ahead of a holiday period in which new phones, streaming devices and games consoles will be on the wish list of many, Disney has launched subscription cards in the UK available for retail purchase.

The subscription cards entitle the recipient to a year-long membership to Disney+ for £59.99 with a one-off payment.

In a release announcing the launch, Disney pointed towards the subscription cards as being a Christmas gift, but they also would serve to remove a barrier to entry for people who do not have a credit card.

The only potential downside is that the gift subscriptions can only be redeemed by new customers, meaning that gifters will need to make sure the recipient hasn’t used the service since its launch in the UK in March.

Gift streaming subscriptions are not new for Disney broadly. The company launched the Disney+ gift cards in the US this summer, and offers similar products for Hulu.

Disney is exploring multiple different ways to get people into Disney+, which already has more than 60 million subscribers globally, through multiple sale methods and promotions. One such promotion set to launch imminently is via live service video game Fortnite, where players will be entitled to two months free access to the streamer when they purchase the in-game currency V-Bucks.

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