SportsTribal TV to launch as ‘world’s first sports AVOD’

SportsTribal TV, a new ad-supported sports streaming service, will launch later this year. 

The platform, powered by Red Bee Media’s managed OTT platform, claims to be the first 24/7 linear sports AVOD. It promises to enable “traditional and non-traditional sports rights owners, niche and micro-niche sports, social creators and sports storytellers to turn their video content into professionally managed, 24/7 streaming channels for fans.”

The company said that it will launch with a line-up of “established digital sports entertainment channels” initially on mobile and web before a CTV and streaming platform rollout in 2021. In its initial announcement there was no mention of any rights deals for SportsTribal TV.

The streamer is founded by Frank Bowe, who previously served as the chief commercial officer for TVPlayer. Bowe, who will also act as CEO, said:  “There are many sports organizations and content publishers who are having a hard time reaching fans and monetizing their valuable and exclusive video content. Either because they can’t attract the attention of big broadcasters or because they don’t have the financial and technical resources to launch a direct-to-consumer OTT offering themselves.

“SportsTribal TV solves this problem by offering marginalized sports, rights owners and digital sports publishers their rightful place at the OTT table, turning new and existing video assets into 24/7 linear streaming channels, distributed on our ad-supported sports TV guide. Our model is based on revenue-sharing and mutual success, with no heavy upfront or running investments for our sports partners, who gain access to our global OTT distribution infrastructure. Everybody wins, including the fans who get access to their favorite sport! I am delighted to partner with Red Bee Media, pioneering a new era in free, ad-supported TV for the next generation of sports fans.”

Steve Nylund, CEO, Red Bee Media, said: “SportsTribal TV is a great example of how the market for streaming content is expanding and diversifying and we’re happy to be a part of this unique launch. The Red Bee Managed OTT offering is perfectly suited to support a service like this, bringing high-end viewing experiences and a wide variety of content to sports fans globally, while enabling monetisation of content rights through advertising.”

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