Cyta taps Verimatrix to secure IPTV services

The Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (Cyta) has opted to secure its IPTV services with Verimatrix’s Video Content Authority System (VCAS) technology.

Verimatrix said that the VCAS Ultra deployment is the first of its kind in Cyprus, integrating forensic watermarking capabilities to establish a complete, end-to-end security platform.

Asaf Ashkenazi

Cyta, a semi-governmental organization incorporated by law and a key player in the local IPTV market, selected Verimatrix’s technology because of its flexibility, ease of deployment and path to smooth scalability for future service growth, according to the technology outfit.

Also included in the VCAS Ultra deployment is session-based, user-specific watermarking to enable tracking and enforcing content rights and identification of piracy at its point of origin.

“Cyta has turned the island of Cyprus into a true telecommunications hub, and we are thrilled to offer our expertise in revenue security through the next stage of its journey,” said Asaf Ashkenazi, COO of Verimatrix.

“VCAS Ultra presents an optimised IPTV/OTT security solution that will grow with Cyta as it continues to satisfy the ever-increasing need for innovative and flexible viewing options in the region.”


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