Netflix adds support for Google Nest Hub smart display devices

Netflix has added support for Google’s Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max smart display devices.

The move will come as a blow to Amazon, which lacks support for the streamer on its equivalent Echo Show devices.

It also comes as something of an about face from Netflix. The streaming behemoth had recently said that it had no plans to add support for smart display devices.

Users can link up their Netflix account through the Google Home or Assistant App, and then use their voice to ask their device to open the app. From there, users can scroll through the interface via the touchscreen or through hand gestures on the camera-equipped Nest Hub Max.

Support for Netflix certainly puts Google’s devices at an advantage over Amazon’s Alexa-enabled smart displays, with the Echo Show only having native support for Amazon’s own Prime Video Service – though it does indicate that Netflix may consider adding the service. (Echo Show users can access YouTube, but only through a browser on the device which does not support voice control.)

Netflix will also add support for Google Cast for its Android TV devices. This feature will allow users to start watching a Netflix video on their iOS or Android device and press a cast button to stream that video to their TV.

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