Akado taps into Moscow makeover to connect 100 apartment buildings

Russian service provider Akado is to connect about 100 metropolitan residential buildings in Moscow being constructed under a civic renovation programme.

The company has already completed work at 28 buildings covering 6,000 homes in the Nekrasovka, Izmailovo and Medvedkovo districts of the Russian capital.

Akado’s upgrade programme affects over 10% of its existing company network in relation to housing stock that has been demolished. The Moscow city government launched a renovaton drive in 2017 with plans to move about 350,000 families in the capital to new accommodation.

Akado said it was deploying smart city technology based on standards developed by the Moscow IT Institute. This involves home networks being deployed in each apartment that will support telecom services, internet access, TV and radio.

Akado is laying fibre-to-the-building networks with in-building distribution over HFC and Ethernet.

The company is offering multichannel digital TV, high-speed internet at speeds of up to 1Gbps as well as a range of ancillary services. Akado is also connecting small and medium enterprises in the areas concerned.

“Quality communication now is one of people’s key needs. We provide residents moving into renovated buildings with the necessary range of services. Akado actively cooperates with developers of renovated buildings, and with the Intersectoral Production and Technical Centre, which issues technical specifications for the design and construction of communication networks and approves documentation. Our networks comply with all necessary requirements,” said Maxim Chernov, deputy general director for commercial activities of Akdao Telecom.

“This is a fascinating and complex project for us, associated not only with investing in the construction of new cable infrastructure, and with the need to comply with smart standard technologies, but also with dismantling networks in the renovation construction zone. Thanks to the new facilities, we plan to increase our subscriber base.”

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