Altibox to move to cloud SaaS security with Verimatrix

Nordic service provider Altibox, which operates in Norway and Denmark, is to migrate its content security framework into content security specialist Verimatrix’s software-as-a-service-based Secure Cloud infrastructure.

Altibox is using the SaaS model to host Verimatrix Multi-DRM as well as its existing Verimatrix-supplied VCAS for IPTV content security technology.

Scheduled to be rolled out this year, the transition will simplify Altibox’s management of its service offering, which is used by more than half a million subscribers, according to Verimatrix. The cloud-managed Verimatrix Multi-DRM and VCAS for IPTV solutions also keep Altibox in continuous compliance with studio-required changes in security regimes, including MovieLabs specifications for 4K/UHD content, according to the tech outfit.

“A seamless cloud security infrastructure is crucial for continually enhancing our ability to scale as demand grows. Moving to a content security management platform in the cloud with a trusted partner like Verimatrix empowers us to better meet growing needs as well as consistently exceed our customers’ expectations – all while attaining well-defined business objectives,” said Jarle Johnsen, head of TV technology at Altibox.

“We’re happy that Altibox has reached to the cloud and adopted our SaaS model for Multi-DRM and VCAS. With more of its security framework now managed within the Verimatrix Secure Cloud, Altibox can powerfully protect their revenue from fraud and gain further peace of mind through significantly enhanced reliability,” said Asaf Ashkenazi, COO of Verimatrix.

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