EBU chooses Leaseweb for multi-CDN service

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has chosen cloud computing and web service provider Leaseweb as its preferred international distributor for Eurovision Flow, the pubcasters organisation’s multi-CDN platform. Leaseweb will also contribute its Multi-CDN solutions to the stack of services provided in Eurovision Flow.

The EBU said that the agreement will help fuel the growth of Eurovision Flow, which was created four years ago to help its member broadcasters reduce the costs of online media delivery while also improving their services’ quality of experience.

The EBU also plans to use Leaseweb’s capabilities to scale the platform more effectively outside the domain of the EBU membership.

Eurovision Flow is designed to automatically select and switch to the best available CDN for a given user.

“The higher cost of online delivery can put a strain on the budgets of public service media as their online services are growing in popularity. With Eurovision Flow we provide a convenient solution that maximises quality of experience and leverages economies of scale to achieve a price point that is difficult to attain by individual organisations. In Leaseweb we found an ideal partner to accommodate the service’s rapid growth,” said the EBU’s product owner Bram Tullemans.

“We’ve witnessed an uptake of Multi-CDN solutions over the last few years in various markets, with these solutions being deployed to improve the end-user experience. The technology is also getting more traction with media customers, and we believe combining forces with Eurovision Flow will further strengthen our position in this market,” said Wilfried Dudink, managing director of Leaseweb CDN.

. The stacking of several CDNs and the use of dynamic switching algorithms guarantees unrivalled capacity. Costs are reduced thanks to the buying power of a combined customer base, the reduced risk of vendor lock-in, and a simplification of the technology stack for customers. Eurovision Flow also employs market-leading and future-proof technologies and has proven to be a highly reliable service with no single point of failure.

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