Italy’s RAS taps Synamedia for DVB-T2 migration

Julien Signes

Italian regional public broadcaster RAS has tapped technology outfit Synamedia’s virtualised Digital Content Manager (DCM) to support the migration of its digital-terrestrial services from DVB-T SD/HD to DVB-T2/HEVC HD services by June 2022. 

RAS is using Synamedia’s DCM for satellite input and DVB-T transmissions and virtualised DCM for encoding in a private cloud.

The catalyst for the deployment was RAS’s office relocation in Q4 2019, which required all of the broadcaster’s technology systems to be moved without any disruption to TV and radio services or to the broadcaster’s public safety DTT emergency alert system for the Südtirol region.

German software provider Dimetis integrated Synamedia’s hybrid DCM/virtualised DCM with the latest version of its BOSS Broadcast Manager (BBM) software platform and managed the technology move to the new office.

Orchestrated by BBM, the private cloud-based deployment has allowed RAS to automate workflows and streamline operations, according to Synamedia.  BBM also provides RAS with DVB and DAB+ service monitoring.

Synamedia’s virtualised DCM virtualises the video headend, providing encoding and statistical multiplexing, and it is also capable of handling DRM, packaging and advertising.

Johann Silbernagl, CTO at RAS said, “This deployment marks the beginning of our journey towards full DVB-T2 services in 2022. The powerful combination of Synamedia’s software-centric DCM solution and Dimetis’ BOSS Broadcast Manager gives us a state-of-the-art solution that is flexible enough to meet today’s requirements while also giving us the freedom to transition seamlessly to the new standard at our own pace. As a public broadcaster, this futureproofing capability is particularly important.”

Julien Signes, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Video Network at Synamedia, said,:“The flexible design of our software-centric DCM is proving to be highly appealing to public broadcasters such as RAS. RAS is now benefitting from the freedom of our hybrid headend that delivers the ultimate in picture quality and will enable them to transition smoothly to a DVB-T2 software-based future by their 2022 deadline.”

Thomas Will, CEO of Dimetis said: “We successfully managed the technology move and the deployment of the latest version of our BOSS Broadcast Manager platform integrated with Synamedia’s DCM solution without any interruption to RAS’s TV, radio and emergency alert services. RAS is also now benefitting from considerable operational efficiencies thanks to our intuitive BOSS dashboards.”

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